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Beyond conventional thinking



Kuyasa Mining is headed by two of its original founders – Ayanda Bam and Thabo Sibeko – each of whom has a strong pedigree in the mainstream of the South African coal mining industry.

Between them, they have brought to Kuyasa Mining a range of complementary tertiary qualifications, and a depth of experience, that fits together virtually seamlessly to form a strong and vibrant management team.


a graduate in computer sciences, is executive chairman of the company, as well as the custodian and the driving force behind its vision and avant-garde approach to conducting its business.


operations director, is an electrical engineer whose lengthy involvement in the coal mining industry was supplemented by a tour of duty at Eskom.


Rooted in its mantra of respect for "One race – the human race", Kuyasa Mining eschews the manner in which the policies of affirmative action and transformation have been widely degraded and diluted to a level where box-ticking, number juggling, and instant wealth creation so often take precedence over, and make a mockery of, genuine empowerment.

Kuyasa Mining's employment policies and practices run fully counter to this trend. Its people are selected and employed purely on merit, and no premiums are paid for race or creed. Each individual is expected to deliver...and is held fully accountable.

The result of this approach, which is applied across the entire spectrum of operations – from boardroom to coal face – is a stable workforce that represents virtually every facet of South Africa's demographics...people who function in the knowledge that their presence is justified and their contribution meaningful and appreciated.

Most of the group's production workers are mainly local residents, who are familiar with the distinctive mining conditions of the area.