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Beyond conventional thinking



Established in 1995, Kuyasa Mining is a focused coal mining and beneficiation company. Based in the town Witbank/eMalahleni in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Kuyasa has two wholly-owned production subsidiaries's Delmas Coal and Ikhwezi Colliery which operate adjacent to each other in the nearby Delmas area.


Kuyasa Mining (Pty) Limited had modest beginnings in 1996 as the owner–manager of a small-scale, limited-life opencast bituminous coal mine, known as Ikhwezi Colliery, near the east-Gauteng town of Delmas – an area which remains the epicenter of the company's mining operations.

It was from this relatively inauspicious platform that the fledgling company later progressed to the acquisition (from BHP Billiton in mid-2002) of the much larger Delmas Colliery – a conventional underground mechanised bord and pillar mine, contiguous to Ikhwezi, which it later renamed Delmas Coal.

One of Kuyasa Mining's biggest challenges at the time was to reassure and retain the Delmas work force in the face to their fears about leaving the comfort zone of a major international corporation for a (then perceived) uncertain future in the uncharted water of black ownership and management in a small entrepreneurial coal mining venture.

It was a challenge that was more than adequately met.


Now driven from a modern new corporate headquarters on the eastern fringe of the Mpumalanga Province town of eMalahleni, the traditional "coal capital" of South Africa, Kuyasa Mining is well into its second decade of operation. The company is today a significant independent supplier of coal to South Africa's national power utility, Eskom, as well as to a cross-section of inland coal consuming industries.

This is a far cry from the formative year, when there was widespread skepticism about buying coal from a small, virtually unknown, newcomer that not only had no production, quality and delivery track record, but was also unprecedented in its leadership and structure.

As a community service, Kuyasa Mining also supplies to "fetch-and-carry" individual coal traders who operate mainly in non-electrified inland rural areas.


Looking ahead, Kuyasa Mining plans to reinforce its position in the market as a reliable and competitive independent producer and supplier by growing sales to existing customer base, and by acquiring additional coal reserves on which to develop new projects.

For instance, it has identified direct involvement in power generation as a key area of opportunity – a synergistic venture that is now indelibly written into its corporate objective.